Real Madrid being Real Madrid

All I want is Bayern to knock them out so we don’t have some El Clasico CL final situation. And Coentrao just makes me angry. He’s not good enough to act the way he did with Messi. The head shove was just uncalled for.

And Pepe’s just a disgrace all around. He shouldn’t even be allowed to play.

I don’t know what’s going on … but it looks like the people in the blue/pink uniforms are constantly being hurt. I almost feel like I’m looking at the jocks playing against the nerd kids. Painful sport is clearly painful.

The red and blue are Barcelona, my team. They’re arguably the best football team in the world with the best player in the world on their team. Real Madrid (white) is their archrival in every sense of the word. They’re polar opposite teams. Barca prides themselves on finesse and moving the ball around a LOT. They home grow a lot of their players. Real likes to buy the best in the world and hope a team full of all stars will work. Which is does a lot of the time, but the team also breeds a “win at all costs” attitude with a lot of their players. These matches get UGLY. I’m not saying Barca are total saints, but they’re nothing like Real.

Barca are my babies, btw. Physically beautiful and talented team with a lot of charming guys on it.

I second that and add that they have been even worse of late with the influence of Jose Mourinho, who fosters a culture of placing blame on everyone except themselves and claiming conspiracies whenever a match does not go their way or whenever Barcelona does well.